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    We have been looking for a way to serve more families.

    When we looked at all the questions we were most commonly asked, we discovered that there was a clear standout… Most of the questions centre around the theme of “how to run party games”.

    It turns out, there is so much information available about what you should do at your child’s party – how it should look, what food you should serve and what games to play. But no help on HOW to run the games! That’s the part everyone seems to struggle with the most. And – games, well, they are the real guts of any party.

    So what does that mean?

    To put it simply, we’re excited to show you exactly how to run party games with the children at your next party. We won’t give too much away right now, but it will come complete with instructional videos created by our Chief Entertainment Officer, Brinie. It will also include all the training provided to our own staff.  Plus, the exact method we follow to keep the children entertained for a smooth, simple party *cue sigh of relief*.

    Our intention, always, has been to help parents by removing the stress of entertaining children at a birthday party. We’re excited to empower parents and to teach them how to run party games like a professional!

    There is so much pressure on us parents to throw these lavish, out of control, events that are just exhausting! We are thrilled to help even more families by sharing our knowledge.

    If you’d like to be the first to hear all about it then join our wait list. We are offing a 50% off discount code to the first 20 people on the wait list (codes will be sent out when we are ready to launch!)

    For more information on our party tips, you can check out our blog here

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    We can provide entertainers for all occasions including:

    • Birthday Parties
    • Christenings
    • Weddings
    • End of year sporting parties
    • Fetes/Carnivals
    • Celebrations & more!

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