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Tips for a stress free party

Tips for a stress free party!

 Tips for a stress free party! ** We are not advocates of big parties – just parties that are easy for parents! Any party that you throw for your children will be just wonderful! ** Have an all weather venue (or back up plan!) Be it your home, or alternate venue, be sure to be […]


The 3rd Birthday party from Hell! Why you need a wet weather plan

The 3rd Birthday party from hell (my son’s party…!)

A.K.A Reasons why you need a wet weather plan… I’ve been running children’s parties for 6 years now, and there are certain things I always suggest to parents. In particular, if you are having your party outdoors, I strongly recommend that you have a wet weather plan or a back-up venue. However, for some reason, […]


Top 5 Best songs for a Children’s Party

Children’s Party Music – Our top 5 favourite songs!

Personally, I find music a must at any party! I love the atmosphere it creates and, with the right music at a children’s party, I love watching everyone relax, interact and (sometimes) have a little boogie. Over the years I have found that most people will play (or request) music for their children’s party that […]