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Dragonfly Parties

Popstar Parties

Wollongong's hottest new Birthday Party has arrived!

  • Popstar Parties @ Tara Becker School of Dance


    Popstar Party Package:

    • 2 hour Popstar Party 
      • 2 x Pop Star Hosts;
      • VIP Lanyards on arrival (for the duration of the party);
      • Exclusive use of the studio and VIP Lounge;
      • Fun props for film clip & photo shoot;
      • Cups, napkins and plates;
      • Party snacks, water & Zooper Doopers;
      • Party invitations!

    PLUS  Password Access to the Popstar Filmclip so your stars can watch themselves again and again!

    Aimed at boys and girls aged 7-10yrs.

    Popstar Attitude and Dramatics encouraged!

    How does it work?

    On arrival, VIP lanyards are presented to the children & guests are shown through to the studio.

    After a game or two, small groups are then created and rehearsals start! Lyrics are learnt, child-led choreography is created and, finally, props are selected before we begin filming. After filming we break for food!

    Time pending  we play another game and then it’s photo wall fun! You are welcome to take the photos yourself or your host will use your device so that you have the images instantly.

    We sing Happy Birthday, view the film clip and then ice blocks & farewells. We collect the VIP Lanyards and clean up while you facilitate goodbyes and child collection!

    Party times available:

    • Sundays 10-12pm / 1-3pm / 4-6pm


    • 10 – 12 children $380 (1 host);
    • up to 20 children $530

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