Dragonfly Parties
Dragonfly Parties


With a range of characters for both boys and girls, we can create a fun (and more importantly a stress free) party just for you!

  • We LOVE to party!

    Our themes are aimed at boys and girls aged 1-11 years, and all parties have been created so they are all inclusive.

    We work with your space to create an unforgettable party for your child. From your backyard to your local hall, we bring your space to life with plenty of fun, laughter and age appropriate games.

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    The games we play!

    We provide high-energy games and activities (a.k.a we tire them out!)

    Our hosts come over prepared so if the majority of the children aren’t engaging then we simply stop a game and move on to another! A sample of games played at a party includes:

    • Limbo;
    • Follow the Leader & Statues;
    • Parachute Games;
    • Balloon Relays;
    • Bubbles & Dancing!

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    Grab our Mini Entertainment Guide (with videos) to help ease your upcoming Party!

  • Our Party Themes

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    Popular for Boys
    Popular for Girls
    • Ballerina Children's Entertainer Wollongong
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      Ballerina Party
      Our Ballerina Children's Party Entertainers are all locally trained dancers who can’t wait to take your little dancers through their steps!
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      Fairy Party
      We have a colourful collection of fairies flown in over the escarpment, straight from fairyland to delight your young children!
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      Ice Queen Party
      Our Ice Queen might resemble Elsa but she won't turn your party to Ice!
      Ice Queen
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      Ninja Party
      Our stealth Ninja loves to test the Ninja skills of your youngsters!
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      Pirate Party
      Our Pirates sail the seven seas awaiting the call to come to your child’s party!
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      Princess Party
      Our Princesses do lots of volunteer & charity work. But, in their free time, they await a carriage to pick them up & deliver them to your party!
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      Seasonal Party
      Christmas, Easter, Halloween - we've got your seasonal party covered!
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      Superhero Party
      Our superheroes spend a lot of their time in their secret headquarters keeping the world safe from villains!
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      Colourful Party
      Suitable for boys and girls parties, your character comes dressed in brightly coloured clothing!
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      Mermaid Party
      Our beautiful mermaids love getting the call to swim out of the sea & head to your party!
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      Bow Bow Party
      Ima come back like a boomerang!
      Bow Bow
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      Unicorn Party
      We have a magical collection of unicorns, ready to delight your young ones!

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